This page holds links to my notes, research and related projects, mostly in the area of math, computer science and music.

Jamie Gabriel

General Notebooks

Python for Math
I tend not to use Sage these days (in favour of this kind of setup) but here is a really nice way to install and config the Sage JupyterLab environment running on Docker. For full details of the Docker Image see https://hub.docker.com/r/cemulate/sagemath-jupyterlab/.

Python for Machine Learning and Hierarchical Temporal Memory (HTM)
I use this docker setup to manage all things related to my research. It is based on this really nice image at https://hub.docker.com/r/3rdman/htm.core-jupyter. Note that sometimes I have had issues with Windows install, but for MacOS and Linux seems to be ok.

Algebraic Calculus and de Castelau Bezier (dCB) Curves
A series of notebooks on selected topics in Algebraic Calculus focusing on de Castelau Bezier (dCB) Curves

Algebraic Calculus
A series of notebooks covering general concepts Algebraic Calculus, a more general theory of Calculus which avoids the issues that arise from computation with real numbers

Maple Project

Maple is a web application I have created for managing metadata, research and reporting programs of work, data requests, and is well suited for organisations running large scale data science and analytics programs. Maple sets out to elegantly and intuitively solve problems that arise when tracking data assets, data elements, data users and roles, managing data requests and data related projects, and positiion this metadata for analytics. In my last couple of roles I have needed to create applications to manage this kind of thing and decided it was time to stop reinventing the wheel, so open sourcing the code.

OEIS Analytics Project

The OEIS Analytics Project is built in R Shiny and mines data in the OEIS and does all kinds of analytics and search on it

Music and AI Project

Coming out of PhD work, an application of some interesting Machine Learning techniques of large scale score data. Built in Python and R.

Coming soon