I am a musician and data scientist living in Sydney, Australia. This is my personal website, which holds my research, music transcriptions, new sounds and ideas I am currently working on. I also currently work as the Chief Data Officer in the Cancer Institute NSW.

Jamie Gabriel

Search the notebooks
There is nothing dynamic about this site - its just a GitPages thing. But if you want to search through my Python notebooks (or just want to search any set of documents), just follow the instructions here.

I mostly use JupyterLab running through Docker to manage most things related to music research (using music21 and a bunch of python scripts to explore different things). Full details and set up instructions here. Occasionally I like to work with the HTM Machine Intelligence algorithms which can be tricky to get going so I have included that in these notes. This set up is really nice across lots of different math research and works well across different operating systems.

In terms of music software, I use Logic Pro, SmartScore, MuseScore, Audacity and Transcribe. I just Jupyter and Music21 for music research

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